Saturday, September 28, 2002

Baby Update

Three questions I am commonly asked regarding my pregnancy. How are you feeling? How far along are you? How far along were you last time?

I am feeling great. I am 13 weeks. Our precious Baby Sol died at 17 weeks and was miscarried at 20 weeks. The next six weeks we will continue to pray, but even harder, for God's grace and peace to carry me and my family through.

Stephen, age 5, said to me yesterday: "I hope this baby is born alive." Yes, that is what we hope for. Children say things so clearly.

Valerie and I attended an Above Rubies retreat last weekend and to me it was FABULOUS. My heart resonated with everything Nancy Campbell said. She is an amazing, healthy, (she is into eating primarily raw foods, life giving foods!) energetic, deeply spiritual Christian woman in her 60's that loves the WORD OF GOD and has six children that are all grown and have turned out beautifully--they're all she could have hoped for and more. Nancy Campbell is a champion of motherhood. Everything she said made me want to shout "Amen!" (Sometimes I did.)

What a tremendous, spectacular, unheard of thing...a retreat to encourage (give courage) to mothers! Subscribe to Above Rubies Magazine, supported by donations, by writing to: P.O. Box 681687, Franklin, TN 37068. I will share more about the retreat later.

One of the highlights of the retreat was a prayer time for one another on Saturday night. We grouped around different women, or groups of women, and prayed and wept and prayed some more. It was a beautiful kinship, a koinonia, true fellowship as we are all in the same boat or ship, figuratively speaking of course.

Nancy called me forward and told me they were all going to pray for me and Baby. I cried all the way through it because of overwhelming feelings that I am SO blessed.

November 17th I will be 20 weeks. Needless to say, if we are still expecting a baby then we will have a grand and glorious Thanks-giving celebration.

Stay tuned for house news--we should know what's what by Monday or Tuesday of next week. In the meantime and for all time we find

Love in Jesus! John 15:9
Cliff and Jenny Silliman, 931 S 7th, Sequim, WA 98382
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