Sunday, January 19, 2003

"The Baby Dresser"
by Jenny Silliman
January 14, 2003

I have used the baby dresser for several of our children. It was a garage
sale find and used to be orange. I had it stripped and I painted it
ivory. After a couple of moves, and much use, it is scraped up and badly
in need of a new coat of paint. Recently, with the "nesting" instinct of
our baby due in less than ten weeks, I have decided to give the baby
dresser a fresh coat or two of white enamel paint. I took all the wooden
knobs off of it and, with my boys' help, we all gave it a light sanding.
It is fun to work on a project like this with my boys. Mike, Josh,
Stephen and Luke, ages 12 to 3 years, are all delighted to be my helpers.

I decided to find new knobs for the drawers. Our colors for our bedroom
is forest green, sage green and rose. I decided to get some white glass
knobs I saw at the hardware store. Each has a rose and a leaf on it. The
boys started to tease me that I must think we are having a girl to want
such knobs. I told them I really think it is another boy, but the dresser
is really for me and I'm a girl. They all agreed with me on that.

The dresser knobs are not inexpensive. They are $2.20 each! David, age
16, decided to get in on the project. One afternoon he said, "Come with
me, Mama, I'm taking you shopping for the new knobs." I can't remember
one of our children ever doing such a thing for me. How happy it makes
me! How fun to jump in my son's Jeep and go to the hardware store for the
pretty new knobs. It is just the kind of thing my husband would do. In
fact, I think I saw a bit of envy on his face when he heard where we were

Before we left David asked me, "How many knobs do you need?" I quickly
counted while David went and grabbed his coat. There are two knobs on
each drawer and there are six drawers. As I followed David out the door I
said, "I need ten knobs." I will never live this down so I might as well
tell you about it. Am I mathematically challenged or what? Our twelve
year old was quick to point out when I got home, "Mama, six times two is
twelve, NOT ten!" All I can say is, "OOOPS!"

My husband, Cliff, has a chance to get in on the project now. He said he
will buy the other two knobs. I'm sure he will tease me about this for
the rest of our days, but he is glad to buy them so I guess it is the
price I have to pay.

Today I painted on the first coat of fresh white paint. Tomorrow I hope
to paint on the second coat and the next day I can finally put on the
pretty new knobs--like a reward when I am done with the painting. Several
family members have offered to help put on the new knobs, but I have
sweetly responded, "I don't want any help, thank you." That is the fun

When the dresser is back in place in my room I plan to wash and fold all
the newborn baby clothes and place them in the baby dresser. I will go
ahead and stock it with boy clothes, and quite a few white clothes (of
neither gender) as well. If we are surprised and have a baby girl, it
will be no trouble at all to pack up the little blue clothes and lay in a
supply of pink clothing--after I come out of shock that is!

Love in Jesus,

Cliff and Jenny Silliman, 931 S 7th, Sequim, WA 98382
Dan 20 Val 18 David 16 Mike 12 Josh 10 Stephen 5 Luke 3
Baby Darlin' Dumplin' due 03-23-03
Our apologies to all who come to this blog to find nothing new. I, Jenny's daughter will now be posting the things my mother writes and hopefully that will increase the frequency. My mother is due in 9 weeks, and her mind is on things such as painting baby dressers.