Thursday, May 15, 2003

For Mama's Eyes Only

Last night I snuggled up with seven-week-old Baby Peter and we were ready for a nurse when I glanced down at him with love filled eyes and found him returning the sentiments. He gazed at me with the utmost of love and
appreciation with his wide open blue eyes, curled up lashes and gaping mouth. I said to Cliff, "Honey, can you look over my shoulder for a minute?"

Cliff peeked down at his eighth child (and seventh son) and said to him, "Do you love your Mama?"

Peter replied, just like he was answering his Daddy and yet never took his eyes away from mine, ""

We laughed with joy in the sweet shared moment. Then Daddy said, "Can you smile at me for a minute, Peter?"

As if in answer Peter vocalized a long "o" sound, "No." It sounded just as if he answered his Daddy in the negative. He only has eyes for me right now.

At seven weeks old our infant son shows his appreciation (we think he's very intelligent). After all I've done for him, in carrying him nine months and giving birth to him, his twinkling smiles and coos and goos make all the hard parts fade away!

Love in Jesus,
Cliff and Jenny Silliman, Sequim, WA 98382
Dan 20 Val 18 Dave 16 Mike 13 Josh 10
Steve 6 and Luke 3
Peter Stanford, newborn March 27, 2003
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